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Spamassassin & Postfix - FAQ

As people seem to find my description of our spamassassin+postfix setup quite interesting, I have actually been able to slowly start a collection of some fairly frequently asked questions:

Uh, what happened to smtpclient?

In the earlier versions of this article/howto, I used a modified version of Ralf Engellschalls smtpclient. I later discovered that this was completely superfluous, and I am now using sendmail instead.

What about individual user preferences when running spamc?

A few people have asked how to take individual users spamassassin preferences into account. Admittedly, I have not studied this in great detail, but due to the way spamassassin is being used here, I don't see how it would be possible. An email could be addressed to e.g. 4 users, but only processed by spamc/d just once - which set of user preferences would be applicable?

Using user nobody for spamc?

It was mentioned to me that this could cause a problem, depending on the permission setup of your system. I haven't seen any such problems myself, but although I have no answer, I thought it was worth adding the question to the FAQ.

Depending on your spamd setup, you may see messages complaining about spamd not being able to create the user_preferences file for user nobody. This is most probably because your spamd daemon was started with the '-c' flag. Check your initscripts or whereever you start the spamd daemon.

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