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Miscellaneous patches

I maintain this simple collection of patches that I have put together for various reasons. Usually I will have sent a patch to eg. a mailing-list with a URL pointing here. I always try to alert the author(s) and/or maintainers of the software that I'm patching, but occasionally I never hear back from them.

Per Jessen
December 2002.


All of my patches listed on this page are subject to the licensing (if any) as laid out by the authors/maintainers of the patched package.


I appreciate all comments, including those telling me that I shouldn't have patched that software in this way.

Table of contents

making diald properly parse comments in /etc/services
spamassassin bug #1225


patch-diald-1.0-utils - 2003/05/19 14:38:57 CEST

This patch fixes a problem in diald regarding parsing the /etc/services file. diald-1.0 comes with some rather primitive parsing mechanism, which caused one or two problems when I was adjusting diald.conf to work with VPN-type traffic.
For some or other reason, the diald author decided not to use the various get* services from netdb.h and instead implement his own. This patch simply changes utils.c to use those services.

I sent the patch to the linux-diald mailing-list on Oct 26 2002, but never saw any comments/responses.


patch-spamc-2.43 - 2003/05/19 14:38:57 CEST

This is the patch for problem 1225 on spamassassins bugzilla site.


smsclient-originator-patch - 2008/01/29 16:09:21 CET

This is a patch for adding an originator to the SMS sent.

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