RZ2 temperature monitoring

This page shows the measurements from a number of Dallas Semiconductors 1-wire DS18x20s temperature sensors in and around our datacentre (RZ2). Initially, they were connected to a PIC-controlled IO-board (IOM#142A by the late Peter H. Anderson (1946-2012), www.phanderson.com), but during the Corona virus crisis in 2020, that was replaced by a simple RS232 serial interface. (schematics, see "Passive 9-pin".)

When I first put this page up, probably some time around 2005, it was never intended to be anything but a quick demo, and certainly not intended to last for so long. However, it quickly proved itself very useful for monitoring the cooling in the datacentre.

The sensors measure the outdoor temperature, the temperature in the datacentre, the aircon intake temperature, plus the temperature of the refrigerated air. We also monitor changes in trends, to try to spot failing components ahead of time.

The graph and the trends are of course generated by Tobias Oetikers excellent RRDTOOL. The temperatures are read about once a minute, and the results are stored in the RRD repository.

Since March 2013 we have also been archiving the daily charts.

temperature graph
Timespan: last 60 minutes | last 6 hours | last 24 hours | last 7 days | last 30 days

Last reading:21:49:06 CEST (1721591346)
LocationIDReadingWire#Device#Type4h trend24h trend7d trend30d trend
RZ2 cooling358827.8 °C0010-
RZ2 room3D7C26.5 °C0010-
Outdoor274520.5 °C0010
RZ2 intake7F7528.1 °C0028-

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