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Porting SAPDB to Linux/390

Sometime mid 2002 I got involved with an effort to port SAPDB to Linux/390. At the time, I was professionally very involved with running all kinds of software on Linux/390, and SAPDB happened to be an open-source database, which just had to be available on Linux/390.

I got in touch with Mark Post who had previously worked on the same thing, and we managed to get quite a bit further. Not quite there, but still. However, by late 2002 my professional involvement with software on Linux/390 ceased to exist, and the "SAPDB on Linux/390" project got put on a back-burner.

Until early 2003 that is - when Mark Post got back in touch asking if I was interested in continuing the effort? A large(ish) company on the US east-coast had shown an interest in running SAPDB on Linux/390, and had not only got in touch with Mark Post, but also persuaded IBM to provide the S390 resources. Of course I volunteered my time right away - not a chance to be missed!

Current status: I don't know. After some fairly intense effort in the beginning, somehow I got slowly disengaged from the project; perhaps I've just got too many other projects on the go ...


If you need to know what's happening to SAPDB on Linux/390, best thing is to look up the SAPDB pages or ask Mark Post. But, if the project is still going and you're involved with it or want to get involved with it - and you're looking for help, look no further!

In particular if you need help you get SAPDB up and running on Linux/390, ask me.


This page has gone. I used it to keep track of progress, publish listings and stuff like that.

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