Monitoring freezers and fridge

In our downstairs basement, we have two freezers (Miele, Siemens) and a refrigerator (Miele). Well, actually three freezers - two uprights, one half-size, one full-size and one chest freezer (Miostar, used occasionally). A while back I decided I needed to keep a closer eye on their temperatures.

For one thing, the two Miele units date back to 1997, so at more than twenty years old, they are probably overdue for replacement.

For another, over the years it has happened more than once that a door was left open, e.g. by using too little push so the door doesn't close properly or by using too much push so it springs back and is left ajar.

It hasn't actually ever led to any frozen goods being really ruined, but it does cause a build-up of ice crystals, both in the freezer and in the goods, as well as increased energy consumption.

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The temperatures are monitored by three Dallas 1-wire DS18x20 temperature sensors attached to a Nanopi Neo Air. More

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Miele, fridge0000092a9a2b wait wait wait wait wait
Miele, deep freezer0000085bd222 wait wait wait wait n/a
Siemens, deep freezer00000a4877fa wait wait wait wait n/a
Miostar, chest freezer000000000000 waitwaitwaitwaitwait
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